gourmet logo.6.22.10Five years from now it may be as difficult to imagine Greenwich Village without Pearl’s lobster rolls as it is to imagine it without the Village Vanguard and the Washington Square Arch…Pearl Oyster Bar is a major discovery for all seasons.” — Jonathon Gold, Gourmet Magazine

“For most of the 20th century, a smattering of New England restaurateurs hawked the dish in relative obscurity. Then, at the tail end of the ’90s, a tiny restaurant in Manhattan, Pearl Oyster Bar, transformed the once-humble lobster roll into an object of culinary obsession — and a fleet of eager chefs, hyper-productive Maine fishermen, and savvy New York editors took over from there. By 2006, Bon Appétit had dubbed the lobster roll the dish of the year. It graced the cover of Gourmet in 2009.”
— Brian Kevin,  DownEast



“…the lobster roll is showing up on menus from coast to coast. But it’s Rebecca Charles of New York’s Pearl Oyster Bar, who claims bragging rights to the roll’s newfound fame…”

Best of the Year: Lobster Rolls Rock!


“…briny oysters…chowder made sweet with clams and smoky with bacon, and a lobster roll that is mostly chopped lobster, lavished with a toasted bun and a haystack of shoestring potatoes. Each of those dishes is a standard bearer, though each faces stiff competition from the blackboard where daily specials (skate and bass on a recent visit) are hand-printed.” — Tom Sietsema, Washington Post